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bang bang my baby shot me down

Hello, I'm princessk8ie and I would like to try and start a journal review thing going here. I'll review any journal, and if you'd like yours to be reviewed go to http://www.geocities.com/i8yomama2006/reviews.html and fill out the form. My point systems are all up there.

Any type of journal welcome, whether it be a personal journal or a community.

The first 10 journals I review get a special banner, and if your journal gets a perfect score you'll get a nice banner.

PS. Please apply for a review, if you've gotten a link to this journal
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the link aint working
k thanks, i fixed it
The form didn't allow me to put all of my email addres or url in it but I put it in the bottom box.
yeah, I'm going to fix that.. I just threw that site together in like 5 minutes so I wasn't really paying attention to details like that.
That's cool, I just wanted to make sure you knew. :)


April 25 2004, 14:00:30 UTC 13 years ago

the text on your website needs to be larger, i cannot read it
alright, thank you for letting me know
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