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The first review...


account type: free
journal type: personal

Normal Account Point System: 34 points
   Info 10/10
-Do you have anything in your info 2/2
-Is there at least one picture in your info 2/2
-Do you have an icon 2/2
-Do you have icon keywords 2/2
-Do you have interests 2/2
  Layout 8/8
-Is your layout not just the default livejournal 2/2
-Did you override the comment links 1/1
-Is there a background 1/1
-Is there an obvious color scheme 4/4
   Content 15/16
-Interesting 2/3
-Not filled completely with quizzes/surveys 3/3
-Not typed LyKe DiS 2/2
-Not filled completely with aim conversations 2/2
-Not too depressing 3/3
-Not fakely happy 3/3
overall: 33/34 points

Good job, spongypants 97%
I might've been a little easy on you because it was my first review, and the top picture is kinda blurry, but no matter, your journal gets an A.

Next on my list to review is: shananicole

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