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Let me tear your journal apart

Journal Reviews
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I review Livejournals.
Go here: http://www.geocities.com/i8yomama2006/reviews.html to apply for a review

If you get a perfect score you get a nice banner:

it will be customized, and if I'm feeling good I'll probably create your own special one

-Don't apply for a review if you're touchy about criticism.
-Don't apply for a review if your whole journal is friends only, you will get a 0 for content
-Make sure to link to sweetjournal on your journal if you get at least a 70% on your review
-If you don't like your first review, make sure to change things on your journal before applying for a second

-You can go here and read my point systems, so you know where you stand
-You can change things on your journal according to the point system before you apply for a review

Thank you, and the first 10 people to apply for a review get a special prize :)

1. spongypants

2. shananicole

3. rogue_982
4. toxic_whore_
5. mycat_onlyfrend
6. post_punk_x_man